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Reagent kit for detecting and counting metabolically active yeast cells, both of which are relevant parameters in samples from growing yeast cultures. The reagent has been...
Yeast Control™ - Cell Cycle
Reagent kit for staining of yeast nuclear DNA after cell fixation by ethanol. This allows determination of total DNA and cell cycle analysis, which varies during the...
Yeast Control™ - Glycogen
Reagent kit for measuring glycogen in yeast cells, following a cell fixation step. Glycogen content varies during the fermentation process: it is accumulated in yeast during the...
Yeast Control™ - Neutral lipids
Reagent kit for measuring neutral lipids in yeast. Neutral lipids serve as a storage substance and confer stress tolerance to yeast by stabilising the membrane and protect cells...
Yeast Control™ - Trehalose
Reagent kit for measuring trehalose in yeast after a cell fixation step. Trehalose assists in stabilising the yeast cell membrane during nutrient depletion and starvation, and...
Yeast Control™ - Viability
Reagent kit for yeast cell counting and viability testing (differentiation between living and dead cells), both of which are relevant parameters in growing yeast cultures. The...
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